Senior Leadership Team

Jimmie Hansel: CEO, Administrator

Jody Lobner: VP of Resident & Support Services

Jenny Moffat: VP of Financial Services, CFO

Darlene Schaeffer: VP of Patient Care Services, CNO

Executive Directors:
Ricca Sanford: Human Resources

Trish Davison: Corporate Compliance, Clinics

Dee Dee Dunlap: EMR, IT

Medical Staff:
Harold Keenan, MD: Chief of Medical Staff
Steve Boyer, MD
Doug Hadden, PA-C
Laurie Soper, APRN, Nurse Practitioner
Tracy Ray, PA-C

Steve Sanford: Plant Services
Marie Johnson: Environmental Services &
Deborah Delatour: Nutrition Services
Kay Kallsen: Riverview Resident Services
Nancy Loomis: Radiology
Carissa Arnold: Rehab Services
Cathy Miller: Lab Services
Zharyl Younglund: EMS
Kristin Dempcy: Social Services
Greg Butts: Purchasing
Julie Robertson: Business Office
Heather Petersen: Executive Assistant /
Public Relations & Marketing
Wendy Krueger: Medical Records
April Toepfer: Nursing Home Assistant
Nicole Loomis: Family Planning, School
Stacy Namuth: Resident Activities