The Heart of Healthcare – Jimmie Hansel, PhD, CEO

As we embark upon the fall season, we find ourselves in the midst of a changing culture in health care. With the increase in internet medical-related searches, our consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and involved in their diagnosis and care than any other period of modern history. How well this new partnership of consumer/caregiver works [...]

Garden County Health Services Foundation 2013 HackFest

What a great response we have had for our 1st Annual Garden County Health Services Foundation Golf Tournament (HackFest). All of our team slots have been filled (if you registered, please send in your paperwork ASAP, or we may fill the slot with another team on the waiting list). Thank you to everyone and we [...]

Happy Nursing Home Week

Asthma – Doug Hadden, PAC

Spring has arrived and with that comes allergy season.  One concern with all the environmental changes is triggering asthma flares.  Per the CDC following is some great information about the disease and how it is diagnosed, what it truly is, and how it is treated.  Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs. It is [...]

Community Forum – March 27, 2013

 Community Forum with Jim Hansel  “Neighbors Caring For Neighbors”  By Loann Johnson I was asked to attend a Community Forum on Tuesday evening, March 26th, at the Riverview in Lewellen.  I really was not sure what the discussion was to be about, but knew it would probably be health services in our area since Dr. [...]